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I am here to save you some pain, buyers. There are some myths about the home shopping experience that must be addressed. My team and I like to make the home buying experience as stress-free as possible, so please hear me out on these three big myths about home buying:

Myth #1: “I like this house a lot, but I bet it will still be there in a few days if I decide it's right for me.”

It’s very, very painful to see a client love a home but fail to make a move to purchase that home. If you fell in love with it, why wouldn’t someone else? Just because a property has been on the market a little while doesn’t mean it will stay on the market. The bonus myth in this one? Your “perfect” home is probably going to be a home that comes with some small compromises. If you don’t make an offer on a home, you’re effectively saying, “I’m comfortable losing this home.” So this begs the obvious question, are you?

Myth #2: “That house has been on the market for a few weeks, I bet we can work the seller down a few thousand dollars.”

Not necessarily. A higher than average number of days on market could mean almost anything. The seller could be bullheaded about their price. The seller may not be particularly motivated to sell for emotional or other personal reasons. Perhaps the seller just reduced their price in the last few days. Don’t forget: A sales-weary seller isn’t likely to respond to your host of "rational"  reasons why their house should be a bargain. If you can't backup your offer with current data, why should the seller agree to your terms?

Myth #3: “I want to look at foreclosed homes and short sales because they’re a real bargain and the banks need to unload them.”

Banks, like entrenched sellers, don’t always make decisions which seem rational based on obvious information. You can have a hard time figuring out the reason a bank chooses to reject an offer for a foreclosed or distressed property, and their decision may be based on financials which seem completely counterintuitive. The truth is, many distressed sales can be longer and more challenging than regular sales, often leaving buyers unable to set firm plans/dates/etc. for moving and the activities surrounding a move.

My job as an agent is to represent you and your interests and do my best to protect you along the way. If you’re pursuing a home purchase, now or in the future, please reach out to me. There are many other ways my team and I can lower your stress and help you find a great home.

Contact Billy at Billy.HubCityProperty.com or call him at 337.319.1544. 

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