Healing After A Flood

Dated: 09/08/2016

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Being a victim now myself it has been a road I never prepared to travel down.  With hurricanes we can prepare but with flash floods it literally falls in our lap as if mother nature says here's a curveball, sorry you were in the way.  

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Here is an excerpt from another victim's story:

"Across the street, nestled between two battered houses, an empty lot is marked by a cross with an array of flowers and photos — a small memorial for a family washed away by the torrent.

Taylor's dog survived and is now with some of her family members in Kentucky. But those neighbors across the street, the Nicelys, were swept away when their house collapsed; they have since been confirmed dead...Taylor worries that the houses in her neighborhood will remain abandoned and that she, her husband and her 14-year-old daughter won't feel safe at home anymore. She plans to rebuild, but says her family will likely sell the house and move."

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The point is, the things we have lost in this flood can be replaced.  It took me 10 years to build what was lost in a weekend but I am thankful that my family was safe, my neighbors were safe and none of my friends and acquaintances lives were lost in this tragedy.   

The way Acadiana came together to help our brothers and sisters is nothing short of a miracle and super inspiring.  I know that if we are ever hit with a similar situation that we will band together again and help each other.  We will always rebuild but you must be sure you allow yourselves the opportunity to heal.  Let the hurt out.  Cry.  Hold someone's hand.  Hug someone.  If you don't you will not heal and this will bring about more issues in life and in your physical health.  If you need someone you can talk to your pastor or counselor or even give us a call at Hub City Property Group and we will direct you to a resource.   But be sure that you talk to someone and begin the healing process.  We can rebuild frames and bricks.  Rebuilding hearts begin within.

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